NWe offer education in a caring Christian environment, within which pupils can realise their spiritual, intellectual, social and physical potential.We offer education in a caring Christian environment, within which pupils can realise their spiritual.

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Hilltop College Rules and Regulations


 It’s management’s desire that the school runs professionally and within the guidelines of the Ministry of Education currently in force. It is with this said desire in mind that management has approved the following school rules and regulations that have to be adhered to at all times.

* School being an important aspect of learning, the pupils should extend it to all the teachers and other school personnel who will be taking care of them.
* Departure from school by any pupil has to be authorized by a teacher or any other personnel authorized to give such permission.
* All perishable foodstuffs and all forms of drinks not specified by the school are not allowed. The drinks to be brought for children are those packed in sackets (but not alcohol)

* Throwing of stones and any other harmful objects is not allowed.
* Any absence from school on designated school days must be with permission from relevant school authorities. Where it was not possible to seek prior permission, the parent or guardian must accompany the pupil on the day he or she is to report back.
* Except where variation has been made otherwise all pupils must report to school by 7:00am.
* The official school language is English. The use of abusive and vulgar language is not permitted.
* Other than clothes indicated on the school requirement sheet, any other unauthorized clothes will be confiscated.
* All pupils must wear full, clean uniform during school days and school functions.
* Any unhygienic or dirty pupil will not be allowed to attend school.
* Visitation to the pupils is only permissible on the first Sunday of the month or as may be communicated in the termly circulars.
* All pupils will participate in the school functions/activities without discrimination or favour.
* Fighting and bullying are punishable offences.
* Full payment of school dues and complete fulfillment of other school requirements will be a pre-condition for entry into the school every term.
* The parent/Guardian of any pupil who will have lost or negligently damaged school property will be required to repair or replace the said property.
* All members of this school community will be required to adhere to any amendments made to these rules and regulations and any other new regulation that may be introduced from time to time.
*Plating of hair for girls is allowed provided no beads or rubber bands are used for decoration.