NWe offer education in a caring Christian environment, within which pupils can realise their spiritual, intellectual, social and physical potential.We offer education in a caring Christian environment, within which pupils can realise their spiritual.

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HILLTOP COLLEGE has a number of facilities like a teachers quarters, a school clinic,a football and net ball field , science labalatories , a library, girls domitries, and boys domitries . The school has a dairy farm a few kilometers away .


NEW BLOCK STRUCTURE: The managment is in the process of constructing a new three storied classroom block in the comming six months to cater for the increasing number of students ,and also to improve on the learning conditions of the students.

BORE HALL: The school managment is looking for donors to help in funding of a borehall drilling near the school to cater for both the community and the students water needs . Sanitation is the biggest challenge we have at the school . Water sources we do have for over 800 students is a simple water tank used to as a water catcment in the rainy season . But in dry season students have to travel three kilometers to the lake , to collect water which is not safe to the girls students in terms of safety as well as hindering proper academic concetration in class. Therefore this is the biggest challenge we face at HILLTOP COLLEGE.

We are in a process of purchasing three hectares of land on which we want to set a demostration farm to facilitate those students taking agriculture and also to work as a food busket  for school .


Hilltop college managment is planning to acquire a school truck to help in transporting students to seminars, for out door activities like sports and also to help in day to day activities of the school.
The school is a process of expanding by acquiring more 10 acres of land .